32LH300 LG Great Buy!

Published: 06th April 2010
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I must say I'm really pleased with my purchase (2nd television I've bought with Amazon) and it arrived a day early! I bought this 1080 HD LCD TV for Gaming and Blu Ray via my PS3 console in my bedroom. The picture and sound quality is truly amazing and the big plus it's eco friendly/energy saving!

32LH30 LG - Great TV and the Usual Excellent Amazon Service

Arrived just as Amazon said it would. No problems setting it up just switched on and within a few minutes was watching TV programs. Have had it a couple of weeks now and love it. Would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a digital TV.

32LH30 LG - Excellent Product

Bought this, as an upgrade for my old Argos special CRT tv.

The device has a number of different interfaces (including HDMI) for adding various external devices. Currently running a home made PVR on it, and quality is fab. Highly recommended.

32LH30 LG

Very impressed with the set, at the moment I have my PVR on one scart, a VHS recorder on the other one, & a DVD player on the Component Video input. The picture is excellent & Plenty of sound.

I'm glad our grandson talked us into buying it! I think there are more input sockets than I will ever need. I would have liked phono stereo output sockets to connect to my Hi-Fi though.

32LH30 LG - Good HD Ready Tele

Bought this three months ago to replace my old analogue one. The picture is bright, vibrant and sharp especially whilst being played from a DVD (with the 1080p upscaler), and the sound is very good too. It has plenty of connections on the back including 3 HDMI's and 2 scarts; so I have no problems connecting my DVD and VCR.

The only minor gripe I have is with the remote control; although buttons are soft to press, the thumbsticks - the navigation buttons - need to be pressed very hard. Hence only 3 stars.

32LH30 LG
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