32LH3000 LG - Really Very Good

Published: 06th April 2010
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I purchased this set for a smallish sitting room having returned the 2000 model (which is not 1080p) and I'm satisfied with the purchase. Upscaling is very good and the sound quality is much better than the Samsung LE40A656A1F bought a year ago. Black picture areas are satisfactorily deep.

At a viewing distance of 2.3 metres the 1080p upscaling made this set satisfactory and made the difference from the 2000 model.

I didn't realise that it doesn't have an analogue tuner which is still useful here (Ceefax readers' letters only home now!) but can access analogue elsewhere. I did realise the need to manage the aspect ratio manually from the former set and that was initially annoying but I live with it.

When I phoned in to register for the warranty there was what I found to be a persistently irritating attempt to worry me into taking out the maker's extended warranty which I declined.

Overall I'm happy with it, it has all the connectivity that I require.

32LH3000 LG - Widescreen TV

I purchased an 32LH3000 LG widescreen television in August. I cannot speak highly enough of this product. I was unsure whether to buy it because I had only recently heard of LG!

However I am delighted that I decided to go ahead. Amazon delivered it promptly and it was easy to set up. The picture quality is very good and so far I cannot fault this television. Also the price was very competitive. It is all I had hoped for when buying a replacement TV. It is also very attractive with a very shiny black frame round the screen.

32LH3000 LG - Great TV, Great Price

I was specifically looking for a 27"+ TV which would also do as a PC monitor, and this TV works perfectly.

As a TV its great. The picture quality is top notch and the sound is more than decent for a TV of this price range. the user interface of the TV including menus and TV guide etc is beaut.

when I pluged in my PC (using a HDMI cable), my PC recognised it as an LG tv and set the display settings perfectly - no hassle. and the display is amazing.

only negative point I have found is no picture in picture display.

Highly recommended.

32LH3000 LG - Great TV

The 32LH3000 LG is a great little purchase from Amazon. (£379.99 at time of purchase). The TV is very easy to set up, only four screws attaching the TV to the swivel stand. The TV itself is presented very well with a glossy finish and invisible speaker with very good quality sound. The ports on the rear of the TV are well spaced out and a wire catcher allows for no lose wires.

With inbuilt freeview, the set up is very simple following the on screen instructions couldn't be easier. The picture quality is excellent and of course the 1080p HD really brings the experience of high def gaming alive. I use my xbox 360 with a component cable rather than HDMI as my 360 does not support HDMI. LG have incorporated several settings depending on what your watching, i.e having a specific setting for gaming, sports or cinema.

The TV even has a variable 'green' setting allowing you to save energy as you see fit potentially saving a small amount of money on electricity bills. The only problem I can see with the TV is it only having two HDMI ports. Some consumers may need more so this might not be the TV for you. However, LG have made a great quality product that is a very good buy which I do recommend.

32LH3000 LG
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