UN55B8000 SAMSUNG LED - Beautiful TV!

Published: 07th April 2010
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I bought the UN55B8000 SAMSUNG LED and was not at all satisfied with LED edge lighting. There was no way to get rid of the light that shines in the corners of the screen and the background -uniform lighting was terrible on dark scenes. I tried to enjoy because I do not want to spend almost twice the UN55B8000 SAMSUNG LED, but I could not go beyond the fact search light in corners. I came home and that we bought this TV and I am very glad I did. There is no comparison between an edge illuminated light and the latter with local dimming LED backlight.

In the bright stores, you can not appreciate this feature as you in your living room dark. The black bars top and bottom when watching a film with a ratio that does not fill the screen are black, not gray. You will not see light in the corners. In addition, the function of dynamic contrast UN55B8000 SAMSUNG LED screen would be clearer and darker during the film as a function of light in the scene. It's very annoying. With local dimming leds is not a problem.

The photo is also much better with any video source HD or standard definition and I'm using the same cables with this TV than I did on the UN55B8000 SAMSUNG LED. I blur reduction set 10 and grazing set at 2 for the best picture I've ever seen on a TV. I have Dish HD and HD channels look amazing on this TV. Even standard definition channels look very good. There is a considerable improvement on picture quality on my last LCD TV and UN55B8000 SAMSUNG LED that I'm back.

Every time I watch this TV, I think it was worth the price I paid for it. If you are looking for the best picture you can possibly get from a TV, LCD, Plazma, in my opinion, is the only one to get. If you take the time playing with the settings, I am sure you will find the settings that will make you say Wow, that's incredible!

UN55B8000 SAMSUNG LED - Best LCD in the market

I had the UN55B8000 SAMSUNG LED since back in November and I have done much research on the LCD before you buy. A few months later, this TV still amazes me, even after wow factor "initial" has disappeared. The colors are vivid and blacks turned black in a dark room. It's like the TV was not even there. No other LCD on the market has blacks on this TV and even Samsung new 2010 line will not.

They have not announced local dimming TV again this year, and if you really want to be a leading 3D, there is absolutely no reason to get the 2010 models (unless you want the C9000 for its thinness). Image quality wise, this set will not be beaten this year, unless Samsung Announces New Local TV intoxicated.

Overall, it's just the best LCD ever created. Check the comments on any site. You will find the same answer.

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